About Neil Groberg, Esq.


 Neil Groberg, Attorney at Law, doing business as Groberg Mediation, provides mediation, arbitration, facilitation, teaching, training, and independent harassment investigations in Vermont, throughout the Northeast and beyond!

Employers and employees, businesses, aggrieved individuals and others rely on Neil and the almost 40 years of experience he brings to the table.

Neil graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Hofstra University School of Law. He enhanced his formal education by, among other things, completing a Mediation Certificate course sponsored by the University of Connecticut Labor Education Center, three Executive Leadership courses and extensive Improvisation training.

Taking advantage of his superior education, training and experience, Neil has successfully resolved many disputes that were already in - or bound for - litigation.

Throughout his career he has confronted a variety of business and employment issues. As a result, Neil is acutely aware of the negative impact litigation has on all participants in a business, healthcare, non-profit or employment setting. Thus, he vigorously pursues resolving disputes before they degenerate into litigation.

Neil’s years of legal experience involved issues related to employment, health care, general corporate, commercial real estate, computer, contracts, insurance, real estate, and tax law. He has worked for a major unionized transportation organization, a national publicly traded commercial insurance company, a civil rights organization and in his private counseling practice. Through his own firm he advised many diverse organizations including automobile dealerships, health care providers, non-profits and social media companies. In addition, he has counseled individuals on employment-related and contract issues.

Teaching college and graduate students in employment law, business law and health care law keeps Neil up to date on the constant challenges and changes in these laws. Neil's participation on a number of non-profit boards, government commissions and independent community organizations allows him a heightened awareness to the challenges of those entities and those who work for and support them.

Neil’s lifelong commitment to resolving conflict led him to becoming a mediator, arbitrator, facilitator teacher and trainer. He has mediated and arbitrated on a private basis and under the auspices of organizations like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Better Business Bureau, the State of Connecticut and one of Connecticut’s largest unions.

Neil seeks mediation, arbitration, facilitation, teaching and training assignments that will tap into his energy, expertise and quest for non-litigious resolutions of disputes.